Lisa Leake with 100 Days of Real Food

Speaking Engagements

Lisa is available to speak at corporate events to promote wellness within your organization. Take a look at the feedback below and get in touch if you’d like more details! We can customize to include cookbooks and participation in the Real Food Mini-Pledge program as well.

What Participants Had to Say…

What Produce to Buy Organic on 100 Days of Real Food

“Thank you for participating in the wellness expo at our offsite last week. Feedback has been tremendous – everyone is talking about the impact of your session. You have generated awareness and energy around eating healthy. I have heard story after story … people cleaning out their pantries at home, trying new recipes from your cookbook, and converting from Cliff & Kind bars to Larabars. It is the session that everybody is talking about. You really connected with the team and it’s awesome that you were able to get people excited about healthier eating habits. With Wellness as one of our areas of focus, I would love to have you back again!”

“I’ve talked to several friends who saw your presentation Lisa, and they were RAVING about it and saying that they all want to make changes – way to go!”

“Thank you for working so hard to share your ideas, tips and message! I love the visuals you brought and suggestions for changes we can make! You are very easy to listen to.”

“I liked that you brought foods from your cabinet and samples for us!”

“You are a gifted speaker and I really appreciate you coming to Rea View to speak to the parents. I am a yoga instructor and know a lot about healthy eating, but I learned a lot yesterday and you have inspired me to continue on my path to create better eating habits for my family.”

“After reading The Omnivores Dilemma I had opened up to the idea of changing my diet, but this presentation gave me a step in the right direction of how to do so.”

“You were very informative and to the point – excellent speaker!!”

“Examples of packaging that is misleading was very helpful! The real food samples were excellent.”

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